Please help Bojku Family in Kosovo!

Hi Guys,

This is a fundraiser for a very poor family that lives in extreme conditions in Kosovo. I came across this story on the local newspaper and wanted to try and gather some funds for this family who is not able to feed its children and lives on 91 Euros approximately $100 dollars a month.

The family currently has no funds for food, the father and the mother look for food in garbage containers.

Lets donate what we can whether its $5 or $50 or $500 to help this family in extreme conditions.

The name of the mother is Raza Syla Bojku

Below you can find the article in Albanian:

Në Vushtrri, prindërit kërkojnë ushqim nëpër kontinjerë për tri vajzat e mitura

Për t’u lidhur direkt me faqen go fund me klikoni në këtë nyje: